Did you know that boysenberries are a nutritional powerhouse? 

These delicious maroon coloured berries are bursting with antioxidants, anthocyanins, folate and polyphenols. Glen and Maree at Tasman Bay Berries proudly present to you the Berry Kiss range, so you can now indulge in the health-giving power of their extraordinary boysenberries all year round!

Boysenberry Powder 

This dried boysenberry powder is perfect for use in smoothies, baking, yoghurt, cereals and products where natural colouring or intense boysenberry flavour is required. 

The Berry Kiss Boysenberry Powder is rich in many concentrated nutrients and perfectly captures the taste of the boysenberries. 

Available in two sizes: 100g and 250g 


Boysenberry Pure Concentrate 

This Berry Kiss Pure Concentrate is made with 100% natural boysenberries. 

It is perfect in drinks, smoothies, sauces and confectionary, or for any use in products where the natural colour, intense flavour and identity of real fruit is essential in a liquid form. 

Available in one size: 500mL 

Whole Freeze-Dried Boysenberries 

The Berry Kiss Whole Freeze-Dried Boysenberries are a delicious treat on their own, dipped in chocolate, or a perfect addition to cereals or baking. They are rich in flavour and contain many beneficial nutrients and minerals that boysenberries provide. 

Available in two sizes: 15g and 50g 

Processed from freshly harvested or frozen locally grown boysenberries. All products contain no added colour, preservatives, sweeteners or other additives. 

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